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It is not enough for an expert to be proficient and knowledgeable in a particular field. To be effective, the expert must be able to convey information in a usable form. We have that ability. Our company stands behind its expert report summaries, and our experts are prepared to testify in support of their expert opinions. Because each expert team has an in-house attorney as an integral member, we provide attorneys and insurers with trial-ready reports and expert witnesses. Now you can focus on other matters, assured that you will receive a quality product cost-effectively.

Legal Profession


We assist the legal profession in recovering full value for vehicle damage. From the moment your client's vehicle is damaged, our company is there to provide attorneys with a review of the damage and an accurate, professional opinion quantifying diminished value.



When you pay diminished value claims, do you know how much is the right amount? We do. Utilizing our proprietary analysis, research methods, and data sources, we ensure that you pay the correct amount on the claim. Because some jurisdictions automatically require insurers to calculate and pay diminished value, are you struggling to develop a formula or mechanism to quantify diminished value? Harness our decades of experience and obtain licensed access to our proprietary information.

Insurance Commissioners


Gain access to the knowledge you need to ensure that consumers and insurers are receiving accurate and equitable diminished value information.