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How much equity is there in your vehicle? Is it profitable to buy or sell your vehicle at the end of the lease or sell it now? Ask us. We know.

Our company can assess a true value for your vehicle and the equity you have in it, at either at wholesale or retail price. Other providers, including internal information, usually offer information that is incomplete or outdated by the time it is printed or made available.

Before you buy, we can tell you where that vehicle has been. We provide you with information detailing whether there is a problem in the title history, whether the vehicle has been owned by a rental company, or has a reported history of prior damage. If requested, our experts review the specific vehicle and identify if it has suffered any unreported damage.

After a purchase, we can assist consumers in determining if the vehicle is a "lemon" or if a disclosure should have been made. Our role is to provide you with accurate information and expert opinions. We do not provide legal service.