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For the first time, there is a valuable alternative to repairing a damaged vehicle. The revolutionary Like Exchange® program replaces your vehicle and puts you back in the position you were in immediately before the accident.

With our intimate knowledge of the vehicle market as well as customer preferences and concerns, we are able to offer a real solution — a vehicle that is virtually identical, or even better than the one that was damaged. Best of all, we can usually arrange replacement faster and more cost effectively than the time and expense involved in repairing a materially damaged vehicle.

Insurers, here is your opportunity to revolutionize automobile insurance claims handling. With the Like Exchange® program, you will dramatically increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs. You will eliminate diminished value payments, relieve customer safety concerns, and avoid mistakes associated with paying for an elaborate repair, only to declare the vehicle a "total loss." Just as importantly, it accomodates insureds and third parties, alike.

Customers and third parties now have a real option.

Like Exchange®. The vehicle solution.