Individual consumers increasingly bear the safety risks and economic burden arising from adverse events with vehicles. Consumers frequently suffer from the devaluation of their vehicles caused by damage, theft, warranty issues, and other events, even in circumstances when they were not responsible for the condition decreasing the value.

More importantly, consumers need to be aware that there are no federal laws charging any agency with setting repair standards or overseeing repair processes, techniques, and quality. There are virtually no state laws governing automotive repairs. In fact, there may be no requirement that the shop be licensed or that the person repairing your car has met any minimum training, education, or certification. Additionally, without any federal, state, or industry mandated standards, your body shop may feel compelled by the dictates of the insurance company to repair a vehicle it would, otherwise, never repair, or use a technique the repairer does not believe is proper.

We assist consumers to obtain information regarding their vehicles, the specific decrease in value, whether a vehicle is appropriate for repair, or whether a vehicle is a candidate for replacement. Using our vehicle history features, diminished value assessments, or Like Exchange® program, you will know before you buy where a vehicle has been, be able to pursue recovery of the decrease in your vehicle's value, or feel comfortable that you and your loved ones are safe in a replaced vehicle.